Second Early Potatoes

Second Early PotatoesSecond early potatoes are, like the name suggests, slightly later to mature than the first earlies, but still considered early potatoes. They are ready to start lifting about 2 weeks after the first early potatoes. In the second early category you’ll often find those potatoes referred to as ‘salad potatoes’, because they’re slightly more firm in the flesh, and therefore ideal for using in salads.

Like the first earlies, second early potatoes are best eaten straight out of the ground, and will keep stored in the ground for up to a month after reaching maturity.

Below is a list of second early potatoes available from the featured seed merchants on this website (Click Links For Details):

Arran Pilot - A garden grower’s favorite for decades - RHS Award

Blue Belle – An exhibition show stopper

Bonnie - Perfect for the show bench

Hunter - Highly resistant to blight

International Kidney – Delicious and versatile – also known as ‘Jersey Royal’

Kestrel - An exhibition winner – with outstanding taste

Lady Balfour – A good choice for organic growers

Maris Peer – A familiar favourite – firm and tasty

Mozart - Great resistance against garden pests

Pink Fir Apple – Wonderful nutty flavour – RHS Award

Rudolph - Pink skins with fluffy white flesh – great for chips

Vivaldi - Low on carbohydrates and calories – the potato for slimmers