Maincrop Potatoes

Maincrop PotatoesMaincrop potatoes are those varieties you buy with a view to storing and using over winter. You can usually start lifting them around 4 weeks later than the first earlies (2 weeks later than second earlies), at which time they will pass as new potatoes. Their real strength, however, lies in letting them grow to maturity and lift them for storage to see you through the winter period.

Although some of them are firmer in the flesh than others – the general rule is that maincrop potatoes tend to be more floury in the flesh – due to them containing more starch. This makes them excellent for producing chips, roast potatoes and mash, while you need to be careful not to overcook when boiling them.

Maincrop potatoes should be lifted towards the end of the growing season, and stored appropriately in a dark, frost free area.

Following is a list of maincrop potatoes available from the featured seed merchants on this website (Click Links For Details):

Cara - Irish potato variety – ideal for baking potatoes

Desiree - A good all-round table potato

Isle Of Jura – Perfect for the garden – and the first time grower

King Edward – The nation’s favourite potato – excellent for baking and roasting

Maris Piper – Great for beginnners – the chippy’s choice

Picasso - Excellent baking potatoes with a mild flavour – RHS Award

Purple Majesty – The potato everyone is talking about – unique colour

Rooster - Good all-round potato – excellent for chips

Toluca - Superb early maincrop potato – excellent resistance to blight

Valor - A late maincrop potato – but well worth the wait