Growing Potatoes In Pots

Growing Potatoes In PotsA lot of people who wants to grow their own vegetables, including potatoes, want to keep their gardens look like gardens rather than a vegetable plot. One way of doing this could be growing potatoes in pots.

Growing potatoes in pots is not too dis-similar to growing potatoes in any other kind of container, since the same ‘rules’ still apply.

You need to make sure that the pots you’re using have got holes in the bottom, so any excess liquid can drain out easily. While potatoes like a good drink as they’re growing, overwatering will result in the tubers being damaged by rot and diseases.

Then, you also need to make sure that the pot you’re planning to use is of the right size, or you will end up with a disappointing harvest. The tubers need space to bulge up when growing, so for early potato varieties you pot should be no smaller then 30 litres capacity, while maincrop potatoes would require at least 45 litres capacity.

Pots of these sizes can be very difficult to get hold of, but if you’re willing to think a bit out of the box, there are a few alternatives available. One of them could be the Gorilla Tubs, which are very popular with gardeners for their versatility, and can be used for many purposes round the garden. Another option could be to grow potatoes in an old dustbin, like the ones we used to have before the wheelie bins were introduced.

Once you’ve got your pots ready for growing, head over to the how to grow potatoes in containers page for more information on the technical side of things, and have a look at the vast range of seed potatoes available to grow.