Growing Potatoes In Containers

How To Grow Potatoes In ContainersWhere space is limited, or if you haven’t got a vegetable plot in your garden, but still want the satisfaction of growing your own potatoes, you can try to grow potatoes in containers.

Although there is not too much difference between growing potatoes in containers, and growing them straight in your garden soil, there are a few things you should keep in mind before setting out, in order for your potato growing venture to be successful.

What Kind Of Container Can I Use To Grow Potatoes?

Potatoes are not a fuzzy crop to grow, so the kind of container you use doesn’t make much of a difference. You can go all out and invest in a potato planter kit – but there are a number of other, cheaper options you could go for.

Ideally the container should have a capacity of at least 45 litres and a depth of about 40-50cm (15-18in), and they should have good drainage, in order to let any excess water out.

What I The Best Growing Medium For Container Grow Potatoes?

In most cases a good quality potting compost would be preferable, but as they come at a premium, there’s nothing stopping you from making your own. A 50/50 mix of multi purpose compost and sharp sand will certainly do the trick, and if you have some home made compost or organic matter you can throw in the mix – even better.

Which Potato Variety Should I Use For Container Growing?

Most gardeners would advice you go for a first early potato variety, but if you have got a large container with a 75+ liter capacity, there is nothing to say you can’t grow a maincrop potato variety.

What Is The Best Time To Plant Potatoes In Containers?

You can plant potatoes in containers as early as February, provided you are able to keep the container frost free by keeping it in a garage or a (heated) greenhouse. You can keep planting potatoes right up until the end of July, as many garden centres and seed merchants now offer varieties that allow you to grow potatoes for Christmas.

As you can see, growing potatoes in containers doesn’t need to be difficult, and it can be hugely satisfying. You can learn more about growing potatoes in containers from the following pages:

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