First Early Potatoes

First Early PotatoesFirst earlies is the group of potatoes that will grow to maturity the fastest, as the name would suggest. The time from planting out until maturity is about 100 days, so that’s when you can start lifting them. This period can be shortened if you can keep them under cover for the first 6-8 weeks.

First earlies will store in the ground for about 4 weeks after reaching maturity, and should be cooked as soon as possible after lifting, to get the fresh taste that only new potatoes will deliver.

Following is a list of first early potato varieties available from the featured seed merchants on this website (Click Links For Details):

Accent – Great resistance to garden pests

Accord – An attractive first early with tasty creamy-white tubers

Amorosa – Stunning red First Early

Annabelle – Mouth Watering – Ideal for grow bags & containers

Anya – Excellent ‘nutty’ flavour

Casablanca – Good cropper and tasty too!

Charlotte – The Chefs’ choice – RHS Award

Elisabeth – Best potato for container growing

Foremost – Classic potato with excellent flavour – RHS Award

Juliette – A great flavoured salad potato

Lady Christl – High yielding with great new potato flavour - RHS Award

Maris Bard – High Yielding First Early Potato

Pentland Javelin – A white waxy potato

Red Duke Of York – A Heritage potato! - RHS Award

Rocket – Uniform Exhibition quality tubers

Sharpes Express – True Heritage potato – going strong since 1901

Swift – The fastest cropper on the market – ready in just 7 weeks

Vales Emerald – Excellent new potato – RHS Award

Vanessa – Ideal for exhibition use

Winston – Excellent baking potato – RHS Award